Our Services 

Miss Appleseed is an alternative to a nanny or day-camp. It is a private service for siblings ages 5-13 who prefer smaller ratio learning. It is an opportunity for children to develop leadership and communication skills, interpersonal relationships, and keep a sense of academic routine for children, the backbone to success and achievement. Typical hours are from 7am-4:00pm and activities are divided into three portions: 

  •  Kids Paradise Morning Program (all activities are outdoors) 
  •  Art Ventures (Indoor art activity at your home)
  •  Young Entrepreneurs (Special designed projects to motivate kids to understand the value of a dollar, become creative thinkers, and do something they love to do).  

Services includes full-time child care, a complete weekly schedule of age appropriate activities, meal prep, light cooking, behavioral management and academic support.  

Please call or email for rates and availability.*  

Our Founder

Miss Appleseed 

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Founder Yezenia Herrera created Miss Appleseed not only because she is passionate about education and program building but because she saw a problem that needed to be solved! She has worked in schools and with families in San Francisco and New York and  recognized a behavioral pattern every time families went away for the summer or long vacations from school: parents never felt rested, children's transition back to school was more difficult, and teachers spent more time managing kids behavior in the classroom than focusing on curriculum.  

She became motivated to help students keep a sense of routine, consistency, and passion for learning while relieving some of the stress parents have to maintain this on their own. And so… the a seed was planted. 

Yezenia obtained her B.A. and M.A. from the University of San Francisco in Organization & Leadership; K-12 Education and currently resides in New York. She is an avid runner, enjoys cooking, and is interested in languages, travel, writing and poetry.

"The more we can identify how kids want to spend their own time, the more we can tailor activities to meet their personal needs to enhance confidence, resilience, and inner peace." 


​​Planning children's activities so parents don't have to!